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At Smara Longevity Nutrition Shop you will find only selected foods that are free of colourings and preservatives, which do not hide artificial flavours and flavour enhancers and are guaranteed free of refined sugar.

Our promise: We carefully consider and select only products that you can enjoy worry-free.

Radiance and beauty that come from good health! 

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Who are we?

Smara Longevity Nutrition was created in 2023 in Switzerland by the Greek Holistic Health & Wellness Coach Smaragda Rizoudi with the aim of strengthening the community of people who understand health holistically, inner balance and connection with the environment.

The direction of the company is "Natural Nutrition" with natural supplements. 


Our products are:

* VEGAN throughout their production process
* GLUTEN FREE also suitable for people suffering from celiac disease
* No artificial flavors and colors
* With completely clean and environmentally friendly formulations
* With environmentally friendly recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials made from FSC certified paper 

Looking for natural ways to improve your energy levels?

On this page you will find Super Foods, which you can easily include in your daily diet as an ideal supplement.

Enjoy daily powders as part of your balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Sprinkle your food with nutritious powders and enjoy a regular breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Add extra antioxidant support to your diet. Use Smara Longevity Nutrition's reliable superfoods daily as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Our products

Nettle Powder 

It contains many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polyphenols and many carotenoids...

Dried Chanterelle Funnel Mushrooms

Different types of mushrooms and mushroom extracts have been used as natural remedies for hundreds of years...

Wild Cloudberry Powder

It is a good source of vitamin C, fiber and good fatty acids, can support a healthy immune system...

Chaga Mushroom Powder

It supports physical and mental well-being, strengthens your immune system, is a traditional tonic for general well-being,...

Organic Wild Cranberry Powder

Cranberries are considered particularly valuable for their use in the healing and prevention of urinary tract infections...

Wild Blueberry Powder

Blueberries are rich in vitamin E, fibre, nutrients and potassium. Vitamin E helps to protect the cells of the body from...

Rosehip Powder

It relieves stress, improves mental performance, has anti-aging properties...

Spruce Powder

Spruce shoots freshen the breath, make the voice clearer and are a great help for the irritation of the throat...

Angelica Powder

It can be used to reduce stress, fight fatigue, increase mental performance, and improve mental alertness...

Rose root (Rhodiola Rosea) Powder

It relieves stress, improves mental performance, has anti-aging properties and has been claimed to...

Organic Seabuckthorn Powder

It has a high content of antioxidant compounds, vitamins and minerals, can improve skin health...

Kidney Herbal Blend Tea by Andreas Moritz

When the above herbs are taken daily for twenty to thirty days, they can help dissolve and eliminate kidney stones, including...

Vita Biosa Original

An organic fermented drink with 8 active cultures of bifido- and lactic acid bacteria, organic acids and extracts from 19 herbs...

Vita Biosa Rosehip

Our good old classic with organic rosehip... 

Vita Biosa Berry

Our sweetened variant with organic juice from aronia, blackcurrants and blueberries...

Vita Biosa Ginger

Our fresh alternative with organic cold-pressed ginger juice...

PDF Easy Way to Cleanse your Kidneys 

One of the most important organs in our body are the kidneys. Among other benefits,
their good function helps our metabolism...

Organic Spirulina Powder

Spirulina Powder can be mixed in your smoothies and dips. Try it in natural juices, smoothies and dips.

Organic Spirulina Flakes

Spirulina Flakes can be mixed in your salads, yogurt and cereal

Organic Spirulina Tablets

Organic Spirulina Tablets 180
100% Natural product

Delivery information 

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  • DELIVERY IN EUROPE - usually takes 7 working days via Post's tracking service. The cost is 20 Fr.  
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  • POSTAL PACKAGING- All of our postal packaging is fully recyclable and from sustainable sources. Tr it nw!

The information published on our website regarding health issues is purely informative and does not constitute medical advice.

For any medical matter relating to your health, the only person qualified to advise you is your personal doctor.

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