The Benefits of Sweden Bitter

1) Eliminates headaches and dizziness, strengthens the brain and memory. Use it to on the base of the skull or make compresses on the head.

2) Helps weak eyes and banishes redness and all pain, even in cases of inflammation. It gets rid of spots and cataracts. Moisten, from time to time, the corners of the eyes or place a soaked cotton ball on the closed eyelids.

3) Purulent rashes and eczema of all kinds, as well as dry skin, are cured if they are frequently and well moistened.

4) For toothache, hold in the mouth for a few hours a tablespoonful of Sweden Bitter with a little water. The pain soon subsides and the rot disappears.

5) Pustules on the tongue or other mouth problems are quickly cured by mouthwash.

6) If the throat is burning or inflamed and swallowing is difficult, swallow Sweden Bitter slowly morning, noon and evening.

7) For stomach cramps: One tablespoon of Schweden Bitter in ½ glass of water, always at room temperature.

8) For colic: Drink slowly, 3 tablespoons in ½ glass of water, one at a time, and you will soon feel relief.

9) It relieves the body of gas and calms the liver. It eliminates any problem of the intestines and stomach and helps in cases of constipation.

10) An excellent remedy for upset stomach and digestive disorders.

11) Beneficial for gall bladder pains. A tablespoonful in ½ glass of water daily, morning and evening and compresses at night and soon all pain will disappear.

12) For pains or ringing in the ears, place a cotton ball soaked in Sweden Bitter inside the ear. It is most beneficial and restores lost hearing.

13) For morning sickness, 1 tablespoon in ½ glass of water in the morning for 3 days, half an hour later a walk and then breakfast with fruit. Sweden Bitter should not be taken before or after milk.

14) In the last 14 days of pregnancy, a tablespoonful morning and evening makes the birth easier. For easy elimination of the afterbirth, a teaspoonful is given every 2 hours until the afterbirth is eliminated painlessly.

15) If after birth the milk is cut off and there is inflammation, it subsides quickly if compresses of Sweden Bitter are applied.

16) It gets rid of worms, even from tape, children and adults. The dose given to children is proportional to their age. An impregnated cloth is placed on the navel and kept moist.

17) It cures children's pimples. Give children 1 tsp of Sweden Bitter according to their age, diluted in 1 cup of brown water. When the pimples begin to wither, we moisten them frequently with Schweden Bitter and no marks are left.

18) For jaundice any trouble will disappear very soon if a tablespoonful is administered three times a day and compresses are placed on the swollen liver.

19) It opens all hemorrhoids, heals the kidneys, rids the body of all unnecessary fluids, removes melancholy and depression and improves appetite and digestion.

20) Hemorrhoids become smaller and softer if they are frequently moistened and if Sweden Bitter is taken internally, especially before bedtime. A cotton pad soaked in the liquid is applied locally. It helps the blocked blood to circulate and relieves stinging.

21) If someone has fainted, open their mouth, if necessary, give them a spoonful of Schweden Bitter and they will recover.

22) This elixir relieves you from the pains of spasms (cramps).

23) For wasting take it daily in the morning on an empty stomach and continue the treatment for 6 weeks.

24) If menstruation stops or is excessive, the woman takes the elixir 3 days and repeats the treatment twenty times.

25) This elixir also cures leukorrhea.

26) If one suffers from an epileptic fit, the elixir should be administered on the spot and the treatment should be continued, because it strengthens the nerves as well as the body and relieves it from all sickness.

27) It cures lameness and relieves from dizziness and indispositions.

28) It also cures rashes.

29) If a person has a fever and is very weak, a spoonful is given and the patient, if not overloaded with other medicines, will soon recover, the pulse will return and the fever, however high, will drop.

30) Sweden Bitter cures the marks of smallpox, moles and chapped hands. If the wound is old, purulent or badly dressed, wash it well with white wine and place a gauze dipped in the elixir.

31) Heals without side effects any kind of wound, tear or bump. Moisten with a soaked compress with Sweden Bitter and then cover the wound immediately. It takes away pain quickly, prevents bruises. If there are wounds, sprinkle the area with the elixir, without necessarily cleaning. Repeatedly place compresses of Sweden Bitter on the wound. Soon the healing occurs.

32) It eliminates scars, even old ones, wounds and cuts, if you moisten them at least 40 days with the elixir. All wounds close and leave no scars.

33) It cures every kind of fistula, even those that seem incurable, however old they may be.

34) Heals every burn and scald, whether caused by fire, or by hot water or fat, if it is frequently moistened. No blisters are formed, and even purulent blisters are cured. 

35) It is effective against swellings and bruises, whether caused by a blow or a fall. 

36) If one has lost his appetite, the elixir restores it.

37) In case of anaemia, it restores the lost colour if taken in the morning for some time. It purifies the blood, creates new blood and promotes circulation.

38) Rheumatic pains in the limbs are relieved if the elixir is taken morning and evening and compresses are applied to the aching limbs.

39) It cures frostbite in the hands or feet, even open ones, if compresses are applied as often as possible, especially at night.

40) A soaked cotton pad is applied to the bunions and kept moist. After three days, the calluses fall off on their own or can be removed without pain.

41) It also cures the bites of rabid dogs or other animals, if taken internally, since it cures and destroys any poison. Also put a compress on the wounds. 

42) For plague and other contagious diseases, it is good to administer repeatedly, as it cures the swellings and rashes of plague, even if they have reached the throat. 

43) Anyone who cannot sleep at night, take a few drops before going to bed. For nervous insomnia a cloth soaked in a solution of Sweden Bitter is applied to the part of the heart. 

44) A drunk can sober up if he drinks two tablespoons of the liquid, in 1 cup of brown water.

45) Whoever takes Schweden Bitter morning and evening, daily, strengthens his body, stimulates the nerves and blood, removes trembling from hands and feet.

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