Emotions and how to handle them

But what are the two main ways that will help you change your emotional state?

1. First, by changing the way you use your body &

2. second, by changing your focus point.

And what can you do to start charting the course of that change?

- Take deep breaths in through your nose and let the air forcefully out of your mouth.

- Smile broadly at everyone.

- Start bouncing! It's great exercise and will make you laugh. 

- Put on some music and dance.

In general, try to work on waking up your body and learn to systematically put it in pleasant situations, no matter what is going on in your life at the time and no matter what the circumstances are in your life at the time. Some of your daily actions and habits, such as overeating, alcohol, drugs, smoking, hours in front of the TV or other sources of addiction, are just virtual strategies to move from pain to pleasure. 

So instead of these, make a list of things you do to change your emotional state. To give you some ideas, I, for example, like to listen to music, read a good book, exercise, watch enjoyable movies, relax with a warm bubble bath, go for nature walks, meet friends, etc.

Usually, the feelings that an experience evokes and the meaning we attach to it depend on our point of focus. The point of focus is not a reality, but a point of view. You decide where you want to focus, as your point of focus defines where your energy flows. So focus on positive scenarios to direct your energy towards optimistic outcomes!

Energy can also be created by repeating a thought. By doing so, you will be able to change the emotions associated with a certain situation in the future. If you don't have a plan to feel pleasure, you will feel pain. So, write your own list to change your emotional state.

The feelings

Emotions are a combination of mental states, psychosomatic expressions and biological reactions of the human body. We experience them as something deep, which affects our body and soul, and they are almost always expressed in our face, voice and posture.

The 5 primary emotions are:






Emotions and how they affect us

Everything in our world is connected to an energy field that deeply affects human emotion. Through emotions we allow this energy field, a quantum hologram, to respond to what we feel. But in practice, how can you change your emotional state?

1. Set up a daily pleasure plan. That is, create the right conditions to feel pleasure.

2. Start asking yourself and those around you questions. Remember that quality questions create quality life!

3. Identify exactly what you are feeling.

4. Accept your feelings.

5. Cultivate your self-confidence.

6. Make positive statements.

Our emotions are nothing more than biochemical reactions in our brain that we can control at any time.

👍 Remember: Loving and accepting yourself is what will lead to loving and accepting others!

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